Shoot the moon (2010) is still one of my favorite series by Mikael Kennedy, whom I met when I was Peter Hay Halpert’s gallery assistant back in New York.

A gathering of ten years (1999-2009) of Mikael’s travels, this series is still the most open and unconstraint within his work. It reflects Kennedy as a free spirit, wandering familiar and wild territory, along with friends who often ended up in front of his lens. No assignments, no clients, no galleries, only the obsessive impulse to photograph.

In his early twenties, Kennedy sold his own blood to buy polaroid film; until he run out of money, and polaroid run out of film. He stocked them in his fridge, unconcerned of expiration date, awaiting for the damage to alter the colors of emulsion. 

"We had no jobs, we had no plan…..I told David that this was to be the plan: No plan. I said we’d ‘Shoot The Moon.’ ” Mikael Kennedy


How to make negatives from FP-100 film!

(Source: cameronnunez)

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